♡i'm ellie♡
this is my blog and its deep as shit i like a lot of things but natasha romanoff is the ruler of my heart check out my tags page enjoy your stay.

I was created to strip lungs
of their breath,
to destroy pretty little things
and burn them to the ground.
to bring the world to its knees,
and hear my name spoken
only in fearful whispers.
I was created human,
but I was made
to be a m̘̪͢͠ǫ̛̙̫͓̬͜ͅṇ̴̳͜ś͉̠͟t̶̻͞e̪̗̰̝̞̯̠͕r͔͖̠͙͎̕͢ͅ

i try not to live in the past

i’m adorable

Anonymous  whispered: Hello, how are you? I hope you're having a good day.

hiya yeah im p good thank u for asking! i only have drama classes today which means no sitting in classrooms yay!


i got this weird dot on my nose that i dont know what to do w

Anonymous  whispered: What do you look for in a boyfriend?


Drift compatibility

…did you guys just come into my apartment?

Anonymous  whispered: Im not new, I have been following u for a couple of months. But im just very confused. Do you ship clintasha? Or capnat?

omg how is it even possible that you havnt seen im so impressed i barely if ever talk about natasha/steve and i can never shut up about clint/natasha so there’s ur answer sonny

i got this weird dot on my nose that i dont know what to do w

Anonymous  whispered: Who do you ship natasha with?

oh welcome bby you must be VERY new